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Mixin Premium: Rover

Mixin Premium

This moniker was earned by a charismatic and daring individual who has crisscrossed the globe, seeking out new adventures and uncovering hidden treasures. Whether by foot, boat, or plane, this Rover is always on the move, creating new journeys and leaving behind a trail of wonder and excitement.

By joining the Mixin Premium Rover Tier, you will be helping to sustain our efforts in creating content.

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Discord + Minecraft Rank Rover Pathfinder Questmaster
Discord: VIP Chat + Diamond Call
Discord: External Emoji + Sticker
Discord: Change Nickname
Minecraft Plugin Support
Minecraft: Lobby Cosmetics Hats Hats, Suits,
Emotes, Particles
Hats, Suits, Mounts,
Pets, Gadgets,
Emotes, Particles
Shout-out in YouTube Videos Simple Advanced Special
Early Access Special Videos New Games,
Special Videos,
Minecraft Projects
Special Gifts
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